Youth Ministry Equipping Schools 2021

The CSYMA Youth Ministry Equipping Schools (YMES) continue to be a pivotal tool to form and equip youth minsitry leaders around Australia. In early February, the Lismore Diocese conducted their Equipping School for their local context. The Canberra & Goulburn Archdiocese hosted the Youth Ministry Equipping School for the Oceania region. Due to Covid-19, it could only host national participants. The ACU La Salle Academy is a key partner with the Schools and send pre-service education students to participate.

The 2021 Youth Ministry Equipping School’s had three main streams; Youth Ministers, Pre Service Teachers & Early Career Teachers. Here is how some participants described the experience:

Carlee Tonkin, a Pre-Service Teacher studying at ACU, said,

“Being from ACU, it was a bit of a different experience. I didn’t know what to expect entering into the Equipping School. I feel I’m in a better place going forward into my teaching career”.

“Our team got close. That was groovy. The Equipping School has changed my view to a much better position to minister to students at my school.”

– Ella Ippaviz: Port Macquarie (Lismore Diocese)

“Being called to evangelise was the big thing I took from it. I didn’t understand evangelisation, but coming out of it, it clicked. I developed a deeper understanding of God’s love and what we are called to do.” 

– Winston Neville: Lithgow (Bathurst Diocese)

“After the few night sessions, journeying through the faith and exploring what my role is as a youth minister, really propelled my enthusiasm for my school ministry.”

– Joseph Murray: Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn

“It was inspiring to see how so many leaders around our Archdiocese and beyond come to one place. It sparked a new fire in me.”

– Anh Tran: Youth Minister (Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn)

The fruits of the Youth Ministry Equipping Schools will continue to unfold. We look forward to providing more opportunities for Leaders to be formed and equipped for the New Evangelisation. 

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