Youth Minister Profile – Sarah Larkin

By Sarah Larkin

My name is Sarah Larkin and this year I returned as the Youth Minister working at St Vincent’s Primary School, Aranda, St Matthew’s Primary School, Page and the South Belconnen Parish. 


I am currently 20 years old and I have lived in Canberra most of my life. Alongside youth ministry I am also in my 3rd year studying a double degree in paramedicine and nursing at the Australian Catholic University. Last year I got involved in youth ministry as the first primary school Youth Minister, piloting the new CSYMA Junior program in the two primary schools. 


Youth Ministry is something that I didn’t know much about before launching into it. I have grown up in a catholic family and went to catholic schools, but I had never experienced faith through Youth Ministry as a student myself. Over my short time so far as a youth minister, I have been able to see that youth ministry is so important in helping to grow the faith of students. It is something that I wish I could have been a part of throughout my time at school. After becoming a Youth Minister, I have found my faith has grown in such a powerful way and I have been able to realize the importance of God in my own life through ministering to others. 


I love being a Youth Minister at South Belconnen because I am able to work with young primary students as well as other students and parishioners from all stages of life. 

I love being a role model for the students and being able to watch them grow into the people they are meant to be. It brings me so much joy seeing the students increase in confidence have an interest in their own faith and it makes me so excited about all of the things that they will do and accomplish in the future. 


A consistent highlight for me each week as Youth Minister in South Belconnen are the days that I get to spend working with the students. Whether it is a small conversation about their weekend, who won the handball game at lunch or deeper questions about God. I have found that building a relationship with the students makes them eager to be involved in initiatives like the school Youth Ministry Team, the Youth Groups and Masses. I love seeing the students then step up and lead prayer celebrations and retreat days because they are so capable and inspiring when sharing their faith with others.   


I am so excited to continue working with the students, staff and broader parish community as the South Belconnen Youth Minister because I have been able to see in my time so far the impact that CSYMA junior has had on both the schools and the parish.