Youth Minister Profile – Elise O’Callaghan

By Elise O’Callaghan

Hey, my name is Elise O’Callaghan and I am a Youth Minister in the Lismore diocese and I work at Mt St Patrick College in Murwillumbah. I’m currently 18 years old and am loving life living in Kingscliff with my family! 


Being a Youth Minister for the Lismore Diocese and my school has been a dream come true!! It’s honestly the best job in the world. Being able to build so many amazing relationships with students, teachers and parishioners all while being able to share my passion for my religion and faith. I was called into being a Youth Minister to ultimately share the love Jesus has for us with everyone I encounter, to help students, not only on their faith journey but on their journey of life and through everything that school and life throws at them!


So far, an amazing part of being a Youth Minister, means that I get to meet with my Senior Youth Ministry Team  every week. This is where we plan events within our school, hang out, pray together and just talk with each other about everything and anything.  Something as simple as this is so rewarding and brings me and the students so much raw fulfillment and joy in life, which just highlights the importance of the role as a Youth Minister in any school and diocese. 


As my year as a Youth Minister at ‘Patties’ continues I hope I can continue to grow the connections I have made with the students to really impact upon their life and faith journey’s. And for those students who aren’t particularly interested in religion, perhaps spark a sense of curiosity. I’m excited to watch the students I surround myself with flourish and become disciples of Jesus within our school community and within their own lives!