Youth Minister Profile – Amber Scanes

My name is Amber Scanes and I am a Youth Minister at St John Paul College in Coffs Harbour. I am 18 and graduated from St John Paul College last year.


I have always found Youth Ministry an integral part of any Catholic school. During my years of schooling, I found that the Youth Ministers had always had a profound impact on the students, myself included. So I am really thankful to the Youth Ministers who really showed me what life is like in colour, and for revealing to me the goodness of God.


I have had many incredible experiences so far being a Youth Minister. One of the ones I hold close to my heart is my immersion trip to the Philippines. I was thrown into a world far different from my own, and I was exposed to some pretty tough sights. But the one thing that kept the Filipino people so joyous, was their belief in God. They knew that He was looking after them, and they trusted in Him. As I went back to my home, I began noticing God in every little thing, and every single person I came into contact with. That truly shaped me into the woman I am to this day, and just how I Minister to the students at my school.


Through this job, I am able to see very different personalities in the students. Each one at a different step or pace in their faith journey, and each one impacts me more than they could know. The thing that I am most looking forward to this year, is to see students delve deeper into their faith and grow as young men and women. For them to realise that they are so incredibly loved and that each and every single one of them has an impact on this world. I am looking forward to seeing them become exactly who they were created to be, children of God.