YMI Youth Ministers RISE to the Challenge

It has been great to see different groups around the country finding ways to bring the love of God to our young people in new adapted ways. It is particularly exciting for us to see how the CSYMA model has been able to help animate these events. The forth phase of the CSYMA model involves a reach into the broader Church and community complimenting the good works already present.

The Bathurst Diocese recently held their annual Rise conference which in the case of YMI Youth Minister Lillian Shone, played a large part in her faith formation and experience of the broader Church. Since then Lillian has been able to give back to the broader community in her work as a Youth Minister across the CSYMA network. 

Lillian has been actively involved in the coordinating of the Rise conference and said: “The prospect of being in a position where I could help create an extraordinary experience like Rise for youth, was one of the prominent reasons I wanted to become a Youth Minister.”

You can read more about the CSYMA 4 phase model in our CSYM Implementation Report in Canberra and Goulburn Archdiocese as well as our Guidelines document. 

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