Online Leaders Formation Seminars: an enormous success and international impact

The Online Leaders Formation Seminars that have been conducted by the CLFN have been an enormous hit. They are designed for educational and Church leaders. The two-hour online seminar focuses on a variety of inputs, including keynotes, small groups, personal sharing’s, and videos. The two Seminars conducted so far have been for Melbourne & Tasmania and Canberra Goulburn & Wagga Wagga. Each has had approximately 100 education leaders attend. Please pray for the upcoming Seminars for Ireland (25 June) and England & Wales (10 July). These Seminars replace the International Formation program that was planned for London in July.

Participant highlights for the Online Formation Seminar include:

‘All of it was a highlight. Great explanation of programs and focus on the significance of evangelisation.’

‘Brother David Hall’s address on mission and faith formation and the need to witness to the students in our classes.’

‘Learning about evangelisation and the notion of apostolic imagination where new ways of doing things are now required.’

‘Br David and Gaye – both spoke with a passion but not a passion that comes from being enthusiastic but a passion that comes from the cross into the tomb and then rises to life. Christ HAS Risen! – He truly has Risen!

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the entire program. Perhaps Gaye’s passionate witness and Archbishop Prowse’s enthusiasm. Also the breakouts. I like the opportunity to chat.’

‘Br David’s presentation, such a gifted speaker who is so easy and enjoyable to listen to. The reminder that relationships are key to assist with knowledge and values in faith formation as a school leader is a message we cannot hear enough about. I am also interested in the Spiritus program…I think this study may be a good fit for me in my current role and where I am personally and professionally.’

‘The Keynote which allowed us to consider the implications for contemporary evangelisation. Specific themes and ideas that encouraged us to consider the approach of young people and the role we may be able to play in their spiritual development. The opportunity to reflect on this with colleagues in the Zoom room was much appreciated and allowed us to have some form of connection with others who were participating in the Seminar.’

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