LEAD Conference Lismore

Early last year, the Lismore Diocese CSYMA Youth Ministers ran a CSYMA LEAD conference at Xavier College in Ballina. Over 100 students from across the Lismore Diocese answered the call to come and spend some time forming their relationship with Christ and their youth ministry skills. The two days were filled with engaging workshops and opportunities to develop their faith in communion with those around them.

Lismore was blessed to have Fr. Rob Galea start their conference with a praise and worship concert for both the participants and broader community.

It was fantastic that the youth ministers included and engaged with the broader Church. Feedback from students was that they could really connect with Fr. Rob’s message and that he was a real inspiration!

Billi, a Lismore Youth Ministry Officer said “it was evident that throughout the CSYMA LEAD Conference, there was a strong sense of unity and enthusiasm amongst students” and that the Youth Ministers were “amazed at the amount of drive, commitment, and excitement that the students had for the continued ministry in their schools”.

Father Rob Galea also celebrated mass to conclude the LEAD conference and students were able to receive a prayer and blessing from the Youth Ministers to commission them in their year of senior school ministry.