JPC Catch the Wave!

By Hannah McMahon

On Tuesday the 19th of June, St John Paull II College in Canberra had their first ever Catch the Wave retreat for the Year 9’s!

We ran the day in 2 sessions, both with approximately 70 students in each. The sessions focussed on the analogy of ‘catching the wave of faith’.

We had a team of 6 youth ministers from the Canberra and Goulburn Diocese. The team did an amazing job running the day – with some fantastic icebreakers, dramas, personal sharings, talks, activities and small groups. We were so thankful to have Deacon Namora from Holy Spirit Parish come and visit too!

The excitement started with some engaging icebreakers and a charade. The open and positive attitude of the students was exemplified from early in the day when some brave year 9 students put their hands up to perform the charade in front of their peers! We then performed a drama, and as the youth minister of St. John Paul II I gave a personal sharing. Jordan Hodge finished this session with a talk focussed on the theme ‘Follow = Come + Go’.

Finally the students had a time to reflect and respond. There was an opportunity for them to come forward for a blessing from the youth ministers. It was incredible to see majority of the students come forward for this blessing, and being open to ‘catching the wave of faith’.

A massive thank you to everyone that was involved in the day especially the youth ministers from Canberra Goulburn and the teachers from St John Paul II College. I can’t wait to see the year 9’s in their Youth Ministry classes next semester!