International Impact – England/Wales, Ireland and beyond. CLFN Online Formation Seminars.

Online Formation Seminars have continued to be conducted and have had a substantial international impact. The Catholic Leaders Formation Network conducted their Ireland teacher and leader Formation Seminar on June 25th and England/Wales on July 10. These Seminars included participants from the Philippines, Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda’. Our Participant Feedback below provides substance to the value of these seminars and their international impact:

This was an excellent refresher that was built on last year’s remarkable gathering. It was really, really wonderful to hear Archbishop Prowse and Brother David speak again; Peter, it was terrific to see you and to gain a more in-depth insight into the programs available. I am very interested in learning how to utilise your program for students in my school through something like Catch the Wave.

I am going to reflect on the idea of ‘Encounter’ as this has helped me to articulate more fully the presence of God in and across our school community.

The clip from Bishop Christopher was great, and to hear from a young person who has experienced Christ is such a good witness.

So many people are coming together united in the same purpose.

The highlight for me was the witness of so many from different parts of our world inspired and interested and able to contribute. I am delighted at this rebirth visible within catholic education, which is so needed for our young people with the decline in attendance to church.

Very inspiring, and yes, it gave me an excellent understanding of a vision that sets out a pathway and especially one through to teaching (which is something we as Hub officers would like to explore).