Game On! Religious Education Learning Series

– Theresa Corson

Recently I had the pleasure of joining His Grace Archbishop Christopher Prowse, along with Archdiocesan and CSYMA Youth Leader, Huw Warmenhoven in a livestream session aptly entitled ‘Game On’, where we broke open Pope Francis’ recent apostolic exhortation to young people ‘Christus Vivit’.

In particular, we focused on Chapters 4, 5 and 8 of the text, discussing Pope Francis’ ‘great message for all young people’ – namely, the kerygma message of our faith; that God is love, Christ saves us, that He is alive and that through the Holy Spirit we too can come alive in a new way. We talked about the Holy Father’s message to young people; breaking open the unique experience that ‘youth’ is, as a time of hopes, dreams, big decisions, growth, friendship and ‘thirst for life and experience’. In the final section of the discussion we covered the idea of vocation, sharing different experiences of the call to follow Christ. We talked about the difficult task that discerning this important call can often be for young people. 

The livestream participants, ranging from teachers and RECs to youth ministers from across the archdiocese, nationally and even some internationally contributed many insightful comments to the conversation, as well as further prompting the discussion with questions around how we can practically apply Pope Francis’ message in our work with young people.  

As a youth minister at St Jude’s Primary school and in the Parish of Our Lady of the Annunciation in Weston Creek, a personal highlight was simply the opportunity to gain so many insights from such a broad range of people dedicated to and experienced in ministering to our youth. 

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