Forming New Partnerships

Catholic Schools Youth Ministry International (CSYMI) is proud to be partnering with the Australian Catholic Superannuation and Retirement Fund (ACS).

“The vision of CSYMI is to is to provide opportunities for students and educators to encounter Christ and his Church. To journey with Australian Catholic Super and have them participate in that vision is a testament to their values, placed within the vision of the Church”.  – Peter Woods. 

Justin Colley, ACS Business Developer Manager, addressed eighty of our young leaders from around Australia at our inaugural Youth Ministry Equipping School in Canberra late February this year. Justin highlighted the importance of personal responsibility in planning for the future and how the ACS aims to walk with it’s members on that journey. It was a positive experience especially for those who hadn’t considered what it means to choose a superannuation fund and what support is provided. 

We appreciate how present Justin and the team at ACS has been to us at CSYMI. Justin plays as a key support role within our partnership. 

Justin, what would you say is the main vision of the ACS in the life of the Catholic Church and beyond?

“To give everybody a dignified retirement. We work everyday to make sure that our members are educated to make informed decisions, to plan for their retirement”

What are your hopes for this new partnership with CSYMI?

“Our hope is to engage younger people. To educate them from a younger age and help them understand the importance of planning for the long term.”

How can people begin the conversation about joining ACS?

“They can join through our web page or contact our call centre. You may also walk into any of our call centres and sign up there too.”