First Certified CSYMA Educator and CLFN Leader

Liz Keogh has been teaching Religious Education for over forty years in England, Canada and Australia. She has served in various school leadership roles with responsibilities ranging from the coordination of religious education, faith and mission and pastoral care.

Liz exudes a passion for learning and formation. Last year, she finished a Masters in Character Education from the University of Birmingham. Her dissertation was on the impact of Catholic School Youth Ministry Australia (CSYMA) on the development of character through the Christian virtues of respect, courage and service. 

Her commitment to the vision and aims of CSYMA began with participation in a CSYMA conference in 2012. Mount Lilydale Catholic College is the third school where Liz has implemented the CSYMA Four-Phase Model of youth formation and ministry.


Liz believes young people are hungry for a belief in someone or something – someone she knows as Jesus Christ and something she knows and treasures as her Catholic Faith. CSYMA provides Catholic school leaders and educators with an amazing opportunity to help young people explore their faith and life experience and to be encouraged on their faith journey in a nurturing classroom environment.

“I have seen entire school cultures change, where having faith is no longer something to hide and where young people take ownership and responsibility for being explicit witnesses to following Jesus and being proud of the school’s Catholic Identity.”  

In 2021, CSYMA in collaboration with the Australian Catholic University, launched a new online network and formation platform called the Catholic Leaders Formation Network. The CLFN is a professional formation network for leaders in Catholic schools, parishes, dioceses and other organisations engaged in evangelisation. It brings together Catholic educators and other Church leaders to be renewed and formed in their faith and be equipped to lead formation in small faith-based groups or FLAME Communities. 

Since 1 March, over 450 school and Church leaders from Australia, the United Kingdom, Oceania and Africa have become members. The CLFN is now hosting international professional learning and formation programs such as Youth Ministry Equipping Schools, An Introduction to the CSYMA, Spiritus, Called and Essentials for Faith Leadership. These programs serve to build the confidence and capacity of Catholic educators and leaders. 

The CLFN now also recognises the critical work of Catholic educators and Church leaders like Liz Keogh as it calls them to exercise leadership within the CLFN, supporting the implementation of CSYMA in other schools and the formation of leaders in small groups called FLAME Communities. These Communities meet regularly for prayer, formation, sharing and reflection together, supporting one another in the leadership and service to which they have been called.

Liz is the first to be certified as a CSYMA Educator and CLFN Leader. For more information on the CLFN and what it offers go to or contact