Curriculum Renewal

By Lidia Galea

2019 has flown by as quickly as any other year, and once again, we find ourselves suddenly facing final exams, graduations and end of year celebrations. It has certainly been a busy year on the Curriculum Renewal front, and there have been many exciting developments.

The year began by taking stock of the 2018 curriculum review recommendations and working out the best way forward in terms of a plan to implement them. After teacher consultation, we launched straight into the project that required the most extensive work – and that was the Catch the Wave and Introduction to Youth Ministry units for Year 9 and 10 students. While we had a strong foundation to work with, it was clear the materials required a new look, more relevant content and some fresh faces. We now have a completely new and updated student work booklet, which includes over 30 new student activities and reflections, as well as optional mini-projects for the purpose of student extension. The corresponding video series has also been completely updated – drawing on some of the solid content from the original series, as well as the addition of new speakers, subjects, design work and a catchy new theme song to boot!

On a personal level, it has been an enjoyable and informative process, especially in terms of getting to know the youth ministers and the students in schools who are past or current participants in the Catch the Wave course. Over the course of the project so far, I have been reminded of the deep faith of young people as well as having been inspired by their youthful curiosity, enthusiasm and honesty; all a good reminder of why we do what we do in this space.

The curriculum renewal process is still very much a work in progress, and we now look ahead to the next stage which will be to update the Year 10 and senior units.