Catching The New Wave

We’ve seen everywhere new strategies and responses amidst the Covid-19 crisis and St. Francis Xavier Secondary College in Canberra is no exception.

Youth Ministers Lachlan Bull and Eoin Garton with the aid of their REC and Ministry teachers have flipped the tables with their Youth Ministry intake, filling four year 9 youth ministry classes next semester. Their method involved visiting all 10 of their year 9 Re classes, running a condensed version of the Catch the Wave Retreat and inviting the students to respond and take a leap of faith.

Eoin said “It was invigorating to see so much interest in the students, we are really excited for the opportunity to interact with them in the coming semester!”

Lachlan said “The students returned to school with such a vigour and eagerness to join the youth ministry classes. The Holy Spirit is truly at work in their hearts.”

We hope this story may provide inspiration and a new incentive for your school circumstance as we are all faced with new challenges!

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