CALLED in Isolation – 39 staff further their formation

By, Tania Grace

Aquinas College in Ringwood and St Mary’s College for the Deaf recently embarked on a journey of faith formation using CLFN program Called. Our pastoral minister, Ms Marita Stretch planned out the event to run in the College Chapel, as we had all just returned from isolation, and invited staff to participate. 

Unfortunately Victoria was placed in a stricter, longer lockdown which impacted our plans. However, with creativity and the use of CLFN resources we were able to send out the Called booklets, and through Google Meet, Marita was able to successfully guide the group through the program.

We were thrilled to have 39 staff from across the different faculties enrolled in Called. It led to some interesting discussions and the opportunity to share our thoughts and faith with each other. To be able to still pray together, read and reflect on scripture, even while separated has been a blessing.

In addition, Catholic Education Melbourne granted the program as PL for Accreditation to Teach in a Catholic school which assists both staff new to Catholic Education and helps those already in the system maintain their accreditation.

As we move towards our fifth session, we are excited to hear that there will be two more programs to be added to the staff formation program. We intend to run all programs across 2021 and look forward to knowing that we can run these successfully should we be placed in lockdown again.