Primary Junior Ministry and Secondary Youth Ministry

About CSYMI Junior

The Four Phase model consists of an initial retreat experience, Religious Education resources, implementation of the junior ministry team and connecting students into the broader Church.

Journey with Jesus (Primary) Preview Video

Catch the Wave (Secondary) Preview Video

Youth Ministry (Secondary)

The Four Phase model consists of a retreat experience, Religious Education curriculum programs, senior youth ministry teams and connecting students into the broader Church community through the CSYMA and ACU Youth Academy.

The model is implemented such that Phases 1 – 3 are implemented in the school, and Phase 4 is implemented within the Broader Church.

Youth Academy

The CSYMA and ACU Youth Academy provides a formal accreditation in Faith and Ministry for students in Years 11 and 12. Upon completion of the program students are awarded 5 Bonus ATAR Points towards a degree at the ACU and the CSYMA and ACU Faith and Ministry Award.

The Youth Academy aims to fill the need to further form and equip senior Youth Ministry teams within schools and to connect these students to the broader Church community. The Youth Academy Program aims to bring together Phases Three and Four of the CSYMA Four Phase model. The program consists of 4 Modules: with one extension unit.

Junior Ministry (Primary)

The success of the Four Phase model in forming students in secondary schools created the need for a Four Phase Model for primary school students. This brought about CSYMA Junior, which has a vision for drawing primary school students into the CSYMA network and into a personal relationship with Christ whilst connecting Catholic secondary and primary schools implementing models of youth ministry.

Curriculum Resources

CSYMA provides students workbooks, journals, multimedia resources and teaching plans for all the curriculum content as well as video series to supplement the regional student gatherings. These comprehensive resources are all available online to member schools for ease of access. You can also order printed workbooks and prayer journals if your school would like to save time on printing.