Youth Ministers International

Youth Ministers International (YMI) is a network that forms, equips and resources post-school youth ministers engaged in a year of mission whilst actively participating in the life of the Catholic Church.

YMI Youth Ministers undertake training, participate in accredited formation programs through the ACU La Salle Academy, complete placements in schools and churches and have the opportunity to go on cross-cultural missions.

YMI Programs

YMI Programs are comprised of the following components over a 12 month period. These formation and mission components provide a structured model of formation, training and ministry involvement that supports communities engaging a post-school Youth Minister.

These formation and mission components include:

  1. Training received at the YMI Equipping School,
  2. Participation in ongoing formation initiatives including the ACU Signum Fidei Program,
  3. Ministry Placements (Parish and School),
  4. Conducting regional and national Events throughout the CSYMA Network, and
  5. YMI Mission opportunities.

Signum Fidei

CSYMA has partnered with the ACU La Salle Academy to provide a formal accreditation for Youth Ministers through the Signum Fidei program. The Signum Fidei program consists of three modules. Completion of the program results in the award of a Certificate for each module completed.

1. Certificate of Participation

2. Certificate of Formation

3. Certificate of Mission

YMI Equipping School

The YMI Equipping School is an intensive formation school that inspires and resources youth, young adults and ministry leaders for the mission of the Catholic Church.

Following the YMI Equipping School, participants will be given the opportunity to form cross-cultural mission teams.

In addition to the YMI School, Youth Ministers may participate in the YMI network. This includes the completion of an ACU accrediation program called Signum Fidei.

Who For?

YMI invites you to gather, be renewed in faith and equipped for ministry and mission in 2018 and beyond. The YMI Equipping School is open to all, including the following three groups:

1 ) Youth Ministers

2 ) Youth and Young Adults 

3 ) Teachers and Youth Academy Leaders

YMI Missions

YMI network members are given the opportunity to participate in cross-cultural missions. There are two types of missions offered:

1) YMI Missions: Post-school mission opportunities for YMI Youth Ministers, YMI Equipping School participants and students in ACU La Salle Academy formation progams.

YMI Missions support the implementation of the Catholic Schools Youth Ministry International vision through conducting national and international Equipping Schools and staff conferences, school outreach including regional events and mercy works including outreach to orphanages, prisons and refugee camps.

2) CSYMA Missions: School based mission opportunities for schools within the CSYMA Network to engage senior Youth Ministry Teams, staff and local Youth Ministers into a cross-cultural mission,where we conduct school visits and mercy works. YMI Youth Minister(s) also support and participate in these missions.