Catholic Leaders Formation Network

A professional formation network for leaders in Catholic schools, parishes, dioceses and other ecclesial organisations engaged in evangelisation.

The Catholic Leaders Formation Network is a work of the ACU La Salle Academy and CSYMA.


The ACU La Salle Academy provides programs and resources for the formation of teachers and leaders for Catholic schools and the other ecclesial organisations with which they partner. Central to its mission are the aspirations of the New Evangelisation.


CSYMA is a network of Catholic Schools across Australia and internationally, focused on supporting Catholic schools becoming centres of evangelisation. CSYMA also includes a post-school youth ministers network and accreditation program.

The Catholic Leaders Formation Network (CLFN) has three main focus areas; renewing, forming and leading. Each focus area contains numerous benefits that members can choose to utilise.


Through prayer and retreat opportunities:

• Weekly ‘Formed in Prayer’ Series (personal and staff/group)

• Porta Fidei facilitated retreats

• Encouraging participation in Catholic Church renewal programs


Through professional development opportunities:

• Forming Leaders small group series

• Professional Development: ACU Graduate programs and certificates such as the Graduate Certificate in Education (Leading the New Evangelisation) and Signum Fidei (Catholic Life and Participation Program)

• Events: Catholic Leaders Formation Symposium


Through networking and leadership opportunities:

• Participation in small groups across the network

• Training for leading CLFN activities and Porta Fidei retreats

• Networking; regular communication (CLFN and CSYMA eNews)